Throughout 2019 The Pioneers Basketball Club’s management has continued to communicate with Basketball Australia, Basketball South Australia and Basketball Victoria in respect to the long term future of the Club.

The expansion of our program to include a women’s team in the Adelaide Premier League in 2019 has been positive. The expansion has been met with outstanding community support for both the men and women’s programs.

Despite the success so far the long term sustainability of competing within the Adelaide Premier League is of significant concern to the Club on a number of levels. There is significant uncertainty as to whether Basketball Victoria will be prepared to expand their newly established ‘NBL1’ competition to include teams from outside Victoria and Tasmania.

The above concerns and uncertainties has left the Club with no alternative but to consider all possible opportunities to secure its long term future.

An exciting opportunity has presented itself for the Club’s board to make an application to New Zealand Basketball for the Pioneers to enter the NZ NBL in season 2020.

The ‘Southern Huskies’ located in Tasmania entered the NZ NBL in season 2019. The League is seeking to expand the competition in 2020 by including additional teams in Australia and New Zealand.

The Pioneers are one of two Australian teams that have expressed interest to be considered in the expansion of the NZNBL. The other Australian team to express interest as previously announced is team based in Canberra.

An advisory committee from the Pioneers is continuing to work with the NZNBL and the Southern Huskies to establish whether the NZNBL this is a legitimate option which will ensure the clubs long term future.

The Pioneers have advised Basketball Australia of our Formal Bid. BA authorisation will be required to compete within the NZNBL should the club be accepted. This same authorisation was provided by Basketball Australia to the ‘Southern Huskies’.

The Pioneers board are one hundred percent commited to the Adelaide Premier League for season 2019 and support both our OneFortyOne women and Castec Rural men who currently both sit equal second on their respective ladders.