Car Pooling a Success

MAC-DPTi12th October 2015

Pioneers Car Pool Project

The Pioneer’s Car Pooling Project with the support of DPTI and the Motor Accident Commision through the Community Grant’s program has been successful in improving the safety of our personnel when we travel. The Pioneers players, Coaches, Officials, Members and Fans have opted-in to Car Pooling and in doing so have taken 99 vehicles off the road this season and saved some 36,048 kilometres travelled, for the most part on country roads.

The project culminated with the September Championship game where 29 travellers chose Club co-ordinated Bus travel to attend the game where the Pioneers achieved Back to Back Championships.

The Car Pooling project was born out of this need. Year to date 79 fatalities have already occurred on South Australian Road’s. Over the last decade the annual total peaked at 147 in 2005.

When on the road, travellers drive in poor conditions, often in the dark, sometimes through terrible weather. The risks associated with this were identified and to mitigate the Pioneers highlighted the need for a safer transport.

“We aimed to provide a change in road safety attitudes within the club and show the players and wider community that road safety is vitally important” said Michael Kosch. “These changes will also show the players that their safety is important and in turn they will advocate for safer means of transport”.

We are excited to be able to continue the project throughout the 2016 season and for the foreseeable future and achieve safer travel outcomes.

For further information on this exciting initiative please contact the Project Coordinator, Michael Kosch on 0408 838 905.


Tom Kosch talks about the project on PioneersTV

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